become all vintage producer enables us to provide countless competitive prices inside market.

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become all vintage producer enables us to provide countless competitive prices inside market.

become all vintage producer enables us to provide countless competitive prices inside market.

We overcome their spending out-of importers moreover vendors without worrying about worrying about compromising high quality, and then additional discount is eager regarding bulk invest in – select numerous conserve even more!

Free Delivery

Transport inside continental U.S. is actually RELEASE, and also now everyone also deliver in order to Canada, Hawaii and Alaska – please experience free inside get a hold of someone out of estimate! On your pick commonly boats off inside of 3 company days as well as delivers within three to 12 days.

Really Guarantee

on your own invest in alongside AGS BEAUTY test strengthened among best suited guarantee, additionally men and women also give all top get back rules into will promote.

Safer & Secure

AGS BEAUTY uses Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) tech to generate some sort of most secure, many protected stores activities around. SSL technologies makes it possible for encryption concerning sensitive crucial insight through your la red transactions. on kinds on the place are definitely guaranteed among SSL technology in order that ones specific understanding continues to be safe plus down regarding harmful fingertips.

Concerning united states

AGS BEAUTY appearance each brand set upward and operate by just really AGS Corporation providing one roomy choice out of pro locks beauty salon goods & furniture. Regardless you are setting-upward per unique tresses hair salon, regarding towards refurnish your existing beauty salon otherwise trying towards equip per big hair plus cosmetology class, AGS BEAUTY may provide out of every.

Appliances – people provide the accomplish range of beauty beauty beauty salon hardware as well as/as hair tresses hair salon furniture like totally forms of locks beauty salon chairs (styling seats, barber seats, shampoo chairs, cutting stools), beauty hair salon stations, shampoo bowls & backwash units, dryer seats & locks dryers, beauty beds, reception chairs & sofas, tresses salon carts & trolleys, floor mats, hydraulic bases, etc.

manufacturing – people invest next lead ones possess manufacturing base. before 20 years we have become manufacturing hair beauty salon equipment & furniture for the top companies inside European including North United states nations. men and women mastered the craftsmanship when having that ideas plus expertise to venue each whole production treatment using strict American high-quality control, towards give unique, comfortable and also nevertheless long-lasting furnishings. People stand powering each high quality of that the items, so we provide ideal guarantee along amongst it.

Craftsmanship – your goal is actually delivery your finest hair hair salon furnishings towards the trade while manage customers inside low-cost pricing, in order to attain this best completely selected content as well as/or providers is used. just identify various it test – each furniture are first level plastic what is really smooth in addition resembles the experiencing of genuine leather-based; that the pillow away from seats are made down high density memory foam that comes with added ease additionally endures much extended period inside get among; at hydraulic pump goes alongside 2-year guarantee also holds across eight hundred lbs regarding lbs; people bases is built away from steel out of extra depth and also/otherwise through-size diameter therefore that it not yields to wobbles using large-weight; that the arms is made to finely polished stainless-steel which includes almost all gloss total whenever chrome-plating although try rust-release furthermore hardly gets scratched, and so on. We enjoy the products to this time someone are proud from people, feeling free towards phone united states of america in case a person wish inside of comprehend additional around all trick to achieving concerning chairs.

prices & Discount – because compared towards concerning out of the rivals, become your initial maker makes it possible for men and women in order to give that the additional competitive costs within their marketplace. People beat that costs towards importers furthermore manufacturers not distressing about compromising high quality, and then extra discount is ready to bulk invest inside – buying a lot more plus salvage further!

Selling & service – of many on your items we offer release transport inside continental U.S. and there is no purchases tax. We might become glad inside response on your concerns pertaining towards your products because providers, be sure to never wait in order to call to e-send united states of america.

Stores – everyone are established inside Portland, Oregon close to the Portland Overseas trip terminal – everything does become shipped from under. Your posses continually been nevertheless fancy to search us inside meet then authentic society and/or even consult pertaining to on your create in addition methods face-in order to-face.

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